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Fw: Lynd Ward et al

I am a printmaker and professor of printmaking for over 25 years. I have
been collecting books related to woodcuts and artist books for years.  They
pop up in the strangest places.  I bought a boxed Frans Masereel novel with
an introduction by Thomas Mann published by the Redstone Press, 1987,London
for %5.00 at a flea market in Wellfleet, Cape Cod! Also have another
Masereel entitled, Landscapes and Voices, published by Schocken Books, NY
(they have also published The City and The Sun and Hamburg).  Gods' Man by
Lynd Ward was published by St. Martins Press, NY.

Another artist whose work in prints and books is fascinating is the
Hungarian painter, Joseph Domjan and his wife, Evelyn who live in Tuxedo,
NY.  He is now deceased but his widow continues to work and exhibit his

A good resource for Artists Books was an exhibtion catalog from a Museum of
Modern Art exhibition entitled A Century of Artists Books curated by Riva
Castleman in 1995. Also the Center for Book arts in New York City and
Pyramid Atlantic in Maryland are great places for knowledgeable
contemporary activity and resources on the East Coast.

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