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Re: "Fine Cut"

>I'm looking for a booklet of fonts and ornaments by "Fine Cut", probably
>from England. I have only a fax # 0903-750462. Is it in England ?

The address in the two replies sent at 05:37 and 08:48 pm is correct from a
recent invoice dated April 1995.
The fax number is given as:
        +44 1903 750462     NOT     750562
Their proper name is apparently now 'Fine Cut Interantional Ltd', an amalgam of
'Fine Cut Precision Ltd', 'Fine Cut (UK) Ltd' and 'Fine Screen Ltd'.

The catalogue I have is some 20+ pages of fonts and tool patterns -  the
patterns are identified to approximately their centuries, 16th , 17th and 18th.

Another address for which I have a detailed catalogue (8 pp) with tool patterns
(Cat. No. 6, March 1995) is from
ABS Supplies
36, Kingsdown Parade
Bristol  BS6   5UF
Tel:  +44 117 9427456
Attn: Mr P S A Field

I have found both suppliers most helpful.

Rodney Fry
Berks, UK
< rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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