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Goat Vellum on sale!

Bookbinders who work with vellum will hopefully be interested in the
following: We are in an 'overstock' situation right now on genuine Natural
Goat Vellum and need to move these skins quickly. These are first grade skins
for binding (particularly favored for limp vellum bindings). Normal price is
$17.80 per square foot and skins average about six square feet each. In order
to move them quickly we are offering them at a TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT discount,
i.e. $13.35 per foot.  This offer applies only to Natural Goat Vellum, and
only to the skins we have on hand. If interested, please e-mail us direct,
NOT to the list!  Thanks,

Karen L. Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse

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