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Re: A certain Paper

At 11:07 PM 2/18/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Derek Lyons wrote:
>> <Forwarded to both the Book_Arts and Paper_L lists>
>> I need help in locating a paper for a project;
>> I'm making a set of ledgers/journals for a local club, and need a paper
>> meets the following;
>> 1)  Can be written on with ballpoint on both sides with no bleed-thru (ink
>> or impressions).
>> (What is the minimum weight reccomended?)
>> 2) Available in at (least) 11x17 sheets.
>> 3) Reasonably inexpensive.  ($20 for 200 sheets *sounds* reasonable)
>> Thanks!
>> DerekTry Teton - marketed by Seaman PAtrick here in Michigan, not sure
>what paper company makes it. Come in Cream and White - takes ink
>beautifully, comes card and text weight and some colors/weights are even
>archival. If you need more info, let me know and I will find out
>specifics. Jacqueline Sullivan in Troy, Michigan
I'm new to the list and may violate some sort of protocol, forgive me if I do.

Teton is made by Simpson Paper Co., headquarters in San Francisco
415-391-8140. They wouldn't sell it from the headquarters of course but
could probably tell you where to get it locally. Teton is a No. 1 text
paper or No. 1 cover stock. You would most likely want the cover stock to
write on without show through. Text and cover come in a variety of nice
colors. A typical size is 20 x 26 inches.

Office supply stores also sell "ledger" paper in shades of buff or light
green or white (like bond paper but heavier and stiffer). A standard size
is 17 x 22 and it is usually available in 24 lb., 28 lb., and 32 lb. The
last would probably be best for no show through.

Hope this is helpful.

Guy Dresser                          gDresser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Allen Press, Incorporated                       913-843-1234
Lawrence, Kansas 66044                     FAX: 913-843-1244

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