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Alaska Book Arts

Greetings to the Book Arts List:

I have recently changed directions in the book arts world, moving from
a position as the Book Conservator at the Alaska State Library in
Juneau to operating a private conservation/binding buisinss, North
Bound Books, in Anchorage, Alaska.

Anchorage is a bustling city of 250,000 (Alaska's largest city) and part
of my business and personal goal is to teach book binding/artists books
and create a book arts community in Anchorage.  After I build a
base here, I hope to travel around the state offering workshops and
classes.  At the present time, I am offering classes through the local
community schools and art stores and giving presentations to teachers,
librarians and the general public.  I have a small collection of hand
bound or limited edition books which I use as examples and I recently
currated a show at the main branch of the public library titled, "Books
Like You've Never Seen".  This show was enthusiastically received by the
general public.

Would you like to be part of introducing book arts to the last frontier?

I would like to build a slide collection of artists books or fine press
books that could be used to illustrate the wide range and variety of what
is possible in the field of book arts.  These slides would be used in
public or class presentations: they would be credited to the
binder/artist and would NOT be used in any other form or reproduciton
without written permission of the artist.

Like most of us in private practice, my funds are low but I would like to
hear from anyone interested in participating in this project.  I would
certainly help with copying charges if I could.

Interested?  Please respond directly to me, NOT the List.  Thanks in
advance, I look forward to hearing from you.

Artemis BonaDea
North Bound Books
Box 240768
Anchorage, AK  99524


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