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Re: A certain Paper

>I need help in locating a paper for a project;
>I'm making a set of ledgers/journals for a local club, and need a paper that
>meets the following;
>1)  Can be written on with ballpoint on both sides with no bleed-thru (ink
>or impressions).
>(What is the minimum weight reccomended?)
>2) Available in at (least) 11x17 sheets.
>3) Reasonably inexpensive.  ($20 for 200 sheets *sounds* reasonable)

The Paper Access catalog has many nice papers at about $12/100 8-1/2" x 11"
sheets. They also carry 11" x 17" paper and various kinds of matching
envelopes. It's a great resource--you might want to check it out...

Phone number: 1-800-PAPER-01
Website: http://www.paperaccess.com


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