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unbound book/Czech avant-garde

Alan Feinstein wrote:
> I have a book the title page of which reads as follows:
>                                       Pariz
>                                Osmnact leptu
>                                  Josefa simy
>          s texty francouzskych basniku prelozenymi
>                          Jaroslavem Seifertem
>                    od nehoz je i basen posledni
>                        a uvodem Ph. Souptaulta
>                                            .
>                               Vydal k Vanocum
>                                          1927
>             ve 120 cislovanych autorem kolorovanych
>                              a podepsanych vytiscich
>           z nichz k exemplari 1. jsou prilozeny jeste lepty
>        kolorovane a k exemplari 2. a 3. lepty nekolorovane
>      vsechny autorem ruckny tisteny na papiru Madagaskar
>                             jako druhy svazek knihovny
>                                 MISELANEA  PRIVATA
>                                      nakldatel Aventina
>                 Dr. Ot. Storch-Marien, Praha 11., purkynova 6
>                                          Lepty vytiskl
>                             Alessandro de Pian v Praze
>                      texty F. Obzina ve Vyskove na Morave
>                                    Tento vyttisk ma cislo
>                                                    120
> It's unbound - in folded sheets, in a brown paper folder.Each
> folded sheet seemingly contains a poem of sorts & a subtly
> coloured engraving.  Can anyone give me some details about
> the book? I was attracted by the book & therefore bought it but
> know nothing about it.

The names above, Josef Sima and Jaroslav Seifert, are of
significant figures of the Czech avant-garde, and 1927 is a pretty
good year.
   An intriguing accidental acquisition! I am curious; envious.
I do not read Czech myself, I have recourse to help; and can
suggest some references if you want to learn something of the
context in which your book was produced.
   As the transcription above has a number of errors, and,
of course, lacks the diacritical marks, it would help greatly
if you faxed or mailed a copy of the title page.

Andras Furesz
Very Graphics
P.O. Box 95642
Seattle, WA 98145
(206) 325 1105
fax: (206) 325 2829
e.mail: afuresz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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