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Josef Sima/jaroslav Seifert

Alan Feinstein wrote:
> I have a book the title page of which reads as follows:
>                                       Pariz
>                                Osmnact leptu
>                                  Josefa simy
>          s texty francouzskych basniku prelozenymi
>                          Jaroslavem Seifertem
>                    od nehoz je i basen posledni
>                        a uvodem Ph. Souptaulta
>                                            .
>                               Vydal k Vanocum
>                                          1927
>             ve 120 cislovanych autorem kolorovanych
>                              a podepsanych vytiscich
>           z nichz k exemplari 1. jsou prilozeny jeste lepty
>        kolorovane a k exemplari 2. a 3. lepty nekolorovane
>      vsechny autorem ruckny tisteny na papiru Madagaskar
>                             jako druhy svazek knihovny
>                                 MISELANEA  PRIVATA
>                                      nakldatel Aventina
>                 Dr. Ot. Storch-Marien, Praha 11., purkynova 6
>                                          Lepty vytiskl
>                             Alessandro de Pian v Praze
>                      texty F. Obzina ve Vyskove na Morave
>                                    Tento vyttisk ma cislo
>                                                    120
> It's unbound - in folded sheets, in a brown paper folder.Each
> folded sheet seemingly contains a poem of sorts & a subtly
> coloured engraving.  Can anyone give me some details about
> the book? I was attracted by the book & therefore bought it but
> know nothing about it.

The names above, Josef Sima and Jaroslav Seifert, are of
significant figures of the Czech avant-garde, and 1927 is a pretty
good year.
   An intriguing accidental acquisition! I am curious; envious.
I do not read Czech myself, I have recourse to help; and can
suggest some references if you want to learn something of the
context in which your book was produced.
   As the transcription above has a number of errors, and,
of course, lacks the diacritical marks, it would help greatly
if you faxed or mailed a copy of the title page.

Andras Furesz
Very Graphics
P.O. Box 95642
Seattle, WA 98145
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fax: (206) 325 2829
e.mail: afuresz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sima was a surrealist and Seifert was a Nobel prize winner poet. It looks like
the book consist of French poetry translated by Seifert, only the last poem is
by Seifert.

The intriduction is by P. Soupault. It was published for Christmas
1927 in 120 examplars.

The title is: Paris, 18 etchings by Josef Sima with the texts
of French poets translated by Jaroslav Seifert.

There is a big biography of Sima by someone named Smejkal, who studied art
history and concentrated on Czech art between 2 wars.  The book sold out almost
immediately upon publication. Smejkal died on cancer when he was about 42 years

The publisher O. Storch-Marien was a rich gentleman who loved
publishing similar works.

Michael Joseph
Rare Book and Jerseyana Catalog Librarian
Rutgers University Libraries
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey

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                email: mjoseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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