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Re: hollander beater

Tom et al,

Sorry about the last message, hit the wrong key in the middle of the
sentence, OOPS.  I was going to ask if you had contacted anyone at the
Oregon College of Arts & Crafts.  A few years ago when I was taking
courses there they put in a beater, & somebody there may know where
you could get your hands on some plans. I don't know about an email
address, but their phone number is (503) 297-5544

Best, & again sorry 'bout the flub

Chris Hagen (hamfingered newbie)

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, tom bennick wrote:

> I would like to buy either a used or new beater or even plans for building
> a beater.  I am aware of the new beaters sold by Carriage House,Lee Scott
> Mc Donald,and the Reina Beaters.  I would like to locate one someplace in
> the northwest rather than on the east coast.  The shipping would be very
> expensive from the east to the west.
> I have tried several places and the last person I contacted commented that
> "every one is looking for one."
> Any leads would be appreciated.
> Thanks.

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                    Chris Hagen
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                  fax: 503-228-4631
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