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Bookarts Workshops

       For fans, friends and wannabees of Ed Hutchins the innovative book
whiz from Cairo, New York:

 Ed will be conducting a 4-day bookmaking workshop
July 21-24 in Massachusetts this summer.  Fresh out of graduate school and
brimming with even greater ideas than usual he will intrigue all bookmaking
officienados as well as beginners who will have a ball with Ed from 10 in
the morning til 4 in the afternoon (with some extras thrown in for good

        And on the following week,  July 28-31, Lilla Ford will instruct
those who wish to make a really personalized journal/album/memory/gift book
made of exotic  papers and illustrated and decorated to suit the intended
use.  A lot of discussion, slides and examples of enhanced text will be
included,too. Loads of
great ideas and fun. Heirlooms in the making.

       July 14-17 will concern making high color paper pulp paintings,
moulds and paper castings - to be taught by Alan Young and Lilla. The
paintings and castings are made entirely of paper so may be used as pages
or covers for your personal book or journal.
       During the same week award winning multi-media artist Nancy Young
will teach Jewelry Design starting with "old" cast-offs and ending with
gorgeous, new, modern pieces that can be worn with joy and pride or perhaps
incorporated into your book cover design!

Contact me email with your snailmail address if you'd like a brochure.

Lilias at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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