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Lead alloy type

To all those who might be able help:

        First off, allow me to admit my error regarding aluminum as a
suitable material for type.  It probably isn't and I have much more to
learn about the subject.  I was just trying to be a wee-bit
environmentally conscious.

        Secondly, I am also sorry if I offended anyone with the diatribe
I wrote regarding the Holocaust and our need to "Never Forget."  While
true, it probably has no place on any listserve other than one dealing
expressly with the subject.  Again, I apologize profusely for
over-stepping my bounds.

        Thirdly, I was wondering if anyone out there knows a good way of
cleaning the white-gunk (corrosive oxidation) off of lead-type.  Would
soaking them for a short time in a mineral spirits/kerosene solution help
clean this gunk off them?  I ask this primarily because I have about
eight drawers of type recently sent me that are in need of some sort of
cleaning or refurbishing before they are used again.

        Any suggestions on this matter would be most welcome and greatly
appreciated.  I have much to learn.  Thank you.

Rommel John Miller                        rjmiller1095@xxxxxxxx
12544 Selsey Rd
Ocean City, MD  21842-9128             (410) 213-0082  (voice/fax/data)

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