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Florentine border paper

Dear ListServ Comrades -

I have a client looking to reproduce a document printed several years ago.
 She has not been able to find the paper since.

It is a pergamyn with a (looks like) 9 color silkscreen Florentine border,
overall size 9 3/4" x 13 1/2", and these words along one of the long edges:

"Made in Italy/A Rossi 50032 Borgo S Lorenzo, Florence   (Left edge)
(and Right edge)   DPP 002 (dis. 1)"

She last found it in Houston, Texas, USA and bought everything the paper
house had.  She will be desparate if she can't find it soon, and she will
have to have me design a whole new document.   Hmmmmmmm.......well, that's
okay, too.

If you know of it or find it, please e-mail me privately.

Thanks muchly -
Kerry in Little Rock, AR, USA

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