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The opening of above exhibition will take place on February 24, 1997 -19:30
pm at the "Sala de Exposiciones de la Fundaci=A2n Central Hispano" (Marques
de Villamagna  n  3 - MADRID).

The Central Hispano Foundation has promoted this ambitious exhibition
nswering the expectancy of the 700 members of AFEDA, Association for
fostering the art of bookbinding, established in Madrid in 1992.

This charming & luxurious exhibition shows 125 books proceeding from the
Libraries, such as: National of Paris, Luxembourg and Madrid; Arsenal and
Town Hall of Paris  and Wittockiana of Bruxelles.

All these books make evident the excellent harmony among writer, llustrator
and bookbinder giving as result an unique master piece that beat sense and
heart,  desired by collectors and public libraries.

Among the emblematic artists we can mention: Rose Adler, Paul Bonet,
Pierre-Emile Legrain, Pierre-Lucien Martin, Jean de Gonet or Monique
Mathieu who have opened a new way of renovation of art book in line with
the miscellaneous visual arts of current time.

Javier Abellan

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