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Drills and Boards...

Dear Annie,

I think it is possible that you are referring to an article
which was published in De Restaurator (Dutch) 1987 part 1 page 9
by Biondi (who works at the Royal Library in The Hague. What he
does is indeed drilling holes through the bindings and then
pulls a thin piece of rope through it. I could send you a copy
of the article but it is in Dutch so it won't be of much use to
you (I guess...).

Best regards,
Cor Knops.

Knops Boekrestauratie
Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
Groenstraat 8
6151 CS Munstergeleen / Netherlands
tel/fax +31 46 4200024
mail knops@xxxxxxxxx OR corknops@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
url http://www.wordaccess.nl/~corknops/knops.htm

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