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Dear Members of Book Arts!

We are pleased to offer our newly published
hand bound book in leather/line about Asia.

The contents range from expeditions to ethnological
studies and Buddhism; the book is written in german.

It is signed by the author. Limited edition of 1.500 copies.

72 Photographies (mostly Hasselblad).

Those interested in Southeastasian topics and in
hand bound books by the bookbinder of the Gutenberg
Bible and the Book of Kells - the recent very fine
facsimiles, that were bound in using medieval methods -
are welcome to visit our homepage:

This rare edition is offered at US$ 158 including
Air Mail. Please e-mail if you wish more information
or to order.

    ///     ----/  /  ///    SACHSENMAIER VERLAG       asia@xxxxxxxxx
   //  /   /      /  //  /   P.O.BOX 107 - A-6026 INNSBRUCK - AUSTRIA
  //--- /  ----/ /  //--- /  TEL +43 512 278872    FAX +43 512 278844
_//      /____/ / _//      /_http://www.netway.at/sachsenmaier-verlag/

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