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A Colored Froschauer Bible

Greeting from Lancaster County, PA,

Clarke Hess, here.  I am a book enthusiast from Lancaster County with a
huge habit for PA German imprints
and stuff related to Mennonite history. I recently purchased a 1560
folio Froschauer Bible that had descended
in the Meyer family since 1739, here in the county.

The Bible has hundreds of fully colored woodcuts and is a real
knockout.  Anyone know of any other
Froschauers with colored woodcuts?   They used about 10 colors for this
thing, and they actually stayed inside the lines!  The book is in its
original binding with 18th century repairs to the spine that were done
at the Ephrata Cloister here in Lancaster County.

Any other PA German enthusiasts out there?  Any other Froschauers?  It
would be great to hear from you.

Clarke E. Hess

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