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Re: leporello

Henrietta Zielinski wrote:
> Can you provide a etymological reference for the term leperllo?  I know that
> it is an accordion structure but I have been unable to determine the history
> and usuage of the word itself.  Thank you.

Although I cannot properly answer the question posed,
some tangential information is perhaps better than none.
I've always thought the word must be Italian, but have
no verification. (Tip: the obvious person to ask is Martin
   Leporello is used in German (and thence in Hungarian),
but is the equivalent of the English accordion folding/con-
certina folding in French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, etc. ?
pliage en accordéon, plegado en accordeón, zlamywanie
w harmonijke, harmonivoké skladanie, and so on.
   I look forward to more knowledgeable answers in these
pages (now that sounds funny!).

Andras Furesz  |  Very Graphics
P.O. Box 95642  |  Seattle, WA 98145
(206) 325 1105  |  fax: (206) 325 2829
e.mail: afuresz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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