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Scripps College Press Publications

There was a request to know if Scripps College Press would be
publishing the Frederic W. Goudy Lecture by Daniel Tucker and Claire
Owen on "The Ideal Book."  We do hope to publish the talk as an
updated Cobden-Sanderson statement on the ideal book.

Meanwhile, we have published two books this year and detailed
information follows:

"Mutatis Mutandis, The Necessary Changes Having Been Made," published
by the Scripps College Press in 1996, won first place in an
international book arts exhibition!  The exhibition, "Turning the
Page," was at the Academy Art Center Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii and
ran from Oct. 6-30, 1996.  It was sponsored by the Honolulu
Printmakers Guild and was juried by Hedi Kyle, a professor at the
University of the Arts in Philadelphia and a book conservator.  Out
of 256 entries, 130 were chosen for the exhibit.  "Mutatis Mutandis"
won best of show and a monetary prize and was chosen to represent the
exhibition on its brochure.  Two other Scripps College Press books,
"Aligning the Univers," and "Morning Red and Evening Grey," were also
chosen for the exhibition.  All of the books were sold to

"Mutatis Mutandis" is a collaborative work by Scripps College
professor Kitty Maryatt and students from Scripps, Pitzer and Pomona
Colleges, who wrote on the theme of change, with a subtext about
dreaming vs. reality.  The book was printed by letterpress on
Vandercook presses, and all the type was set in metal by hand.  Some
of the images were manipulated on the computer and were printed out
on a laser printer at Two Hands Press.  The book was published in a
limited edition of 50 copies.  It was bound Coptic-style in acrylic
covers that look like glass, and was housed in an acrylic slipcase.
The covers and case were sanded and painted to further change them.
The phrase "mutatis mutandis" means "the necessary changes having
been made".  The subtext is represented by the phrase "a change came
o'er the spirit of my dream".  The size is 7" square and has 60

Our latest book, "Words that Burn," investigates the properties of
hand-made paper.  Paper today is ubiquitous, typically inexpensive,
and often unceremoniously thrown away.  But 2000 years ago, paper was
rare, sacred, and valuable, and restricted in its use.  Our goal was
to recover that sacred feeling by making paper for this book under
the supervision of Goudy Lecturer, Cal Ling.  The theme was small
things, because we could make only enough paper for a small book.
Jocelyn Cohen, a Goudy workshop participant, shared her research on
Chinese spirit papers. This inspired us to make our own western
spirit papers.  The papers nestled in the center of each section were
made by the students in the Typography class, and were pulled from
cotton rag pulp beaten by Cal Ling.  The tan papers were made to our
design by Cal Ling, and the barely green Urara papers are from Japan.
 We asked Cal Ling to make cover papers infused with her spirit.
The book is sewn on ribbons that were inclusions in the cover.  The
size is 4.5" x 6" and has 84 printed pages.  Fifty copies were
printed on three Vandercook presses.  THE PRICE IS $100.00 PLUS TAX
AND SHIPPING.  Please come to Scripps and help us celebrate at our:
Publication Party, 1:30 p.m. on March 2, 1997 in Wilbur Hall, Scripps
College, Claremont, California.

If you would like a complete "Books in Print" list, send an e-mail
message and I'll mail you back a list.

Kitty Maryatt
Scripps College Press
1030 Columbia Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 607-3866
E-mail:  Kmaryatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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