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Re: UK travel

At 02:02 7:24 PM 2/25/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>I wondered if anyone could offer me some tips on interesting book and
>>paper related sites to see in the UK.  I will be traveling throughout
>>England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland during May and
>>June.   Feel free to respond to me at knopka@xxxxxxxxxx  Many thanks,
>>Rosemarie Knopka
>>Once, as a librarian from abroad, I was privileged to tour the bindery and
>restoration/ preservation facilities at the British Museum. [The British
>Library was then in the same building as the BM - the process of moving to
>the Library's new building is documented on the BL website] If you write
>ahead, you might be able to arrange this.  In any case, you will want to
>look at the MSS exhibits - not to mention the Rosetta Stone.
Indeed!  Their magnificent collection of Illuminated Manuscripts alone could
occupy me in appreciative (blissful) study for a year or so :)

Are these being moved as well?  I know their beautiful Map collections are
being moved.

In any case, you will certainly enjoy yourself .. have fun!

Ron Yost
Paso Robles, CA

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