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Re: UK travel

Try to see Claire Bolton's "The Alembic Press Guide: to sundry printing
places & sources that might be of interest to other private press
printers," 3d ed., Oxford, Alembic Press, 1991.  Do visit the St. Bride
Printing Library in London, which also has a collection of old printing
presses and other equipment, and the Printer's Devil Pub in Fetter Lane
which is a sort of printing museum besides having good food and ale.  Then
there is the William Morris Museum in Walthamstow, a little northeast of
London.  If you decide to visit the bookbinding museum in Bath be aware
that the opening hours are rather short, or at least they were when I went
there.  That day the place was shut.  There is, I believe, a collection on
the history of papermaking in the museum of technology in Manchester.  As
I found out the hard way, one must make an appointment in advance to see
it.  All the best.  Phil Weimerskirch, Providence Public Library <PHILWH@

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