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Re: all of us having to read someone's personal mail...


Maybe its time to re-explain how to respond to just the person you want
and not send it to everybody on the list...although you would think that
people who use e-mail a lot would know by now....

regarding the following:

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Barbara Broff Goldman wrote:

> 483  (Papermaking)  (Fabriano) The Manufacture of Paper at Fabriano
>     $20.00
> 159  (Thomas, Peter & Donna) Rags Make Paper
>                                          35.00
> I believe you have my  credit card on file-----if not "E" me at
> bbroffgold@xxxxxxx
> Barbara Broff Goldman
> 598 Field Club Road
> Pittsburgh, PA   15238

p.s...I do this so that more of us may not end up embarassed by a
personal e-mail, such as this, read by everyone.

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