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Re: all of us having to read someone's personal mail...

>From the List Mgr,

Folks, PLEASE look to see who you are responding to. That would go for the
"me, too" type messages and orders. On another list, someone included their
credit card info in a posting which went to everyone. In case some
subscribers forget, every posting on this list gets archived on the web,
where it is publicly accessible, to ANYONE. In the case of that other list,
I could have ordered myself some nice books, software, a computer... These
types of messages also clutter the archive.

So, BY DEFAULT, when you reply, you reply to the ENTIRE list.

Since I am not master of all email programs, nor want to be, please check to
see who you are responding to, and if it's not who you thought, don't hit send.

Fortunately these things don't happen that often on this list as on others,
so most of us seem to be doing things right, and yes, EVEN I have made this
type of mistake...


At 09:46 AM 3/7/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Maybe its time to re-explain how to respond to just the person you want
>and not send it to everybody on the list...although you would think that
>people who use e-mail a lot would know by now....
>regarding the following:
>On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Barbara Broff Goldman wrote:
>> 483  (Papermaking)  (Fabriano) The Manufacture of Paper at Fabriano
>>     $20.00
>> 159  (Thomas, Peter & Donna) Rags Make Paper
>>                                          35.00
>> I believe you have my  credit card on file-----if not "E" me at
>> bbroffgold@xxxxxxx
>> Barbara Broff Goldman
>> 598 Field Club Road
>> Pittsburgh, PA   15238
>p.s...I do this so that more of us may not end up embarassed by a
>personal e-mail, such as this, read by everyone.

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>>There is something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

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