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Re: Lascaux adhesive

Do you know where the conservator works in Ottawa?   Perhaps giving her a
call might be the quickest.   If you don't know where she works, the two
major museums in Ottawa are The Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec (on
the border of Ontario and Quebec) and The National Art Gallery, Ottawa,
Ont..  Both of these institutions have very good conservation labs and there
might be someone there who can help you.

Good luck,

Colette Johnson-Vosberg
New Brunswick, Canada

>Booklist -
>2 weeks ago a paper conservator on loan to Little Rock from Ottawa gave a
>workshop on mounting, matting, restoration, storage, archival etc.  She had
>an adhesive which she highly recommended called Lascaux.
>I have lost the page of notes where I wrote the phone number from the bottle.
> Since she thought it was such hot stuff, I want to try it, and I'll bet
>several of you uses it regularly.  Can someone please e-mail me privately
>with more information about how to get it.  And if you know anything else
>about it, that too.  For example, is it Rhoplex?  similar?
>Thanks muchly -
>Little Rock, AR, USA
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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