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Re: moldy books

Northeast Document Conservation Center recommends cleaning all moldy
books thoroughly (preferably out of doors), touching all active spots
(showing as stains on the paper or binding-test the surface first) with
ethanol, vaccuming all rugs and surfaces with a wet vac filled with a 1:3
bleach:water solution and wiping all affected surfaces with the same
solution.  Books still in question can be set out in direct sunlight to
kill the mold spores-not great for the books, but better than throwing
them away.

This library suffered a severe mold outbreak several years ago which
affected a compact shelving area.  These techniques, combined with
careful de-humidifying during the summer months, have kept it from
recuring despite the books being back on the shelves.  The Document
Center advised us on how to procede.

Susan Ravdin
Special Collections
Bowdoin College Library
Brunswick, Maine

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