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Doves Gray paper

After reading Scott's post, I too checked my Archivart Doves Gray with an
Abbey pH pen(3 different pens, actually) and found it registered as acidic.
I placed a call to Archivart and was told by the person I spoke with that
they had just become aware of the problem after speaking with someone who
had also read Scott's post. Archivart's representative indicated that she
had recently learned that Doves Gray may not be buffered to the level
listed in the Archivart catalog; they were apparently relying on the
manufacturer to test and certify the pH, level of alkaline buffer, etc., in
the paper. She said she would continue to look into the problem and get
back to me; I gave her the address of this list, so perhaps she will post
something here.

I suppose this serves as a good kick in the pants, reminding us all once
again of the need to take as little as possible for granted when it comes
to the materials we use. I'll have to find something to do with my pile of
paper; the prospect of having to deacidify it before using it does not
appeal to me.

Bruce Bumbarger
Magill Library
Haverford College
Haverford, PA 19041

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