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Pop-up Workshop

Morning folks.

There will be a Pop-up workshop taught by Annie Tremmel Wilcox on
Saturday, March 22 in Columbia, Missouri.  This class last spring was one
of our best received, and all the students who took it enjoyed it immensely.

In addition, Ms. Wilcox will give a free lecture on "3D Formats: Pop Up
Books and Beyond" the evening before the workshop, starting at 7 pm.
This lecture includes more than 50 examples of pop up books, cards, et
cetera, ranging from Victorian-era books to recent advertising materials.

For anyone interested in pop-ups, both of these events present a
fantastic opportunity to learn more.  For more information, contact me or
stop in at our website.

James T. Downey         jdowney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Legacy Art & BookWorks, Inc.

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