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Re: adhesive for perfectbinding

Why is so little written about bookbinding with adhesives? It is clearly the
first choice of most commercial bookbinders who produce more than single
copies. They blithly mill away the spine of signatures and glue the sheets
together. Even coated paper, which I won't glue, is glued commercially. It
appears that much of the rebinding for libraries is now done with adhesives.
Is this correct? However, most of the writing on bookbinding suggests that
adhesives are all bad, unless they are made from wheat or rice flour. Well!
        Is anything written about the tradeoff between the amount of force
required to pull a page from a bound book and the tendency of the book to
mouse trap? I read that notching before binding with adhesives is good,
because it increases pull strength. But what about its creation of a rigid
spine, with all of the flexing done by the paper and none by the adhesive?
How wide should the glue strip be when one does double-fan binding?
Obviously, at some point the spine becomes as rigid as it does with
notching. What is a desirable minimum force required to pull a leaf from a book?
        I have found a listing of  "Book Binding With Adhesives" by Tony
Clark,  but it is not available from any bookstore I have contacted.  Does
anyone have and idea where I can find this book or any other material on
binding with adhesives. In 1995 I wrote "Book on Demand Publishing," in
which I describe how to print books using copiers and laser printers, and
how to bind  them, using PVA liquid glue and EVA hot glue, with minimal
equipment. It is based on five years of experimentation while producing
short run books at low cost, and getting ideas from other bookbinders who
produce short runs.
        I keep wishing I could learn more about modern binding techniques.
Undoubtedly you professionals know all about this. How about sharing your
Rupert N. Evans
Prairie Publications
101 West Windsor Road, #4107
Urbana, IL 61802-6697
vox 217-337-7833
fax 217-337-7469

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