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Re: adhesive for perfectbinding

Amazon has it as a special order item, no price given. Their complete list
of binding titles is at
<http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/Subject=Bookbinding/>. They also seem to
have the NISO standards for library binding, which includes adhesive bindings.

Adhesive bindings aren't bad by nature. It's how and with what they are
done. Double fan adhesive bindings hold up extremely well, and the Planax
"machine" will allow one to do them "in the round," by hand, but it also
cost $1000's.

Don't use woodworking glue, elmers, hotmelt from a gluegun, hide glue or
even paste. A good PVA such as Elvace or Jade403 will have more than enough
strength AND flexibility. Line your spine with mull/super and perhaps even a
paper lining to support the text block. Attach it to a sound cover... All
the little parts add up. The problem with hide glue, glue guns... is that
the adhesive gets brittle. At one point people even used latex rubber in
liquid form as an adhesive. It worked, but latex ages terribly, so what you
end up with are loose sheets. A complete description can be found in Don
Etherington and Matt Roberts Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology.


>        I have found a listing of  "Book Binding With Adhesives" by Tony
>Clark,  but it is not available from any bookstore I have contacted.  Does
>anyone have and idea where I can find this book or any other material on
>binding with adhesives.

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>>There is something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

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