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Re: glue


There are padding compounds available from paper suppliers, office supply,
etc.  A couple of notes: Be sure to protect the upper and lower surfaces of
the areas around the pads-the compound can get messy. Also, be sure to press
the paper being padded very well during the entire process.  Otherwise, the
papers will wrinkle like crazy!

I use the small guillotine, lining both the bed and the top of the pads with
generous amounts of waxed paper, and lower the pressure wheel.  Try to get
as close to the edge being worked on as possible to keep the most pressure
on it. The blade is not used and remains upright and locked.  Just a small
amount of compound is evenly spread over one side.  Allow to dry and voila!
pads.  The pads can be cut after drying for smaller ones, if needed.  Bigger
pads are easier to begin with.

Hope this helps,
At 08:57 AM 3/19/97 -0800, you wrote:
>The glue-talk reminds me that I too have a question for the list:
>What sort of glue might one use to "pad" paper?  I'd like to make up pads
>in sizes not commercially available, in small lots and for my own use.
>Any suggestions how I'd go about it?
>Fritz Levy
Claudia Stall
Head, Collection Preservation Unit
San Diego State University
Love Library

         "Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently."

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