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Re: crafting art, arting craft

The Art/Craft Connection was the title of a series of panel discussions I
was in about 20 years ago at _Craft Horizons_ magazine, with Pete Voulkos,
Dale Chihuly, John Kelsey, etc.

Nobody thought of it as "related to "pastime"." I recommend reading those
discussions to anyone serious about the subject. I wish I had the references
(if anyone finds them, please pass on the info). I suppose a look at "The
Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature" for 1975-78 would turn up several
entries. Perhaps there's even a website with a search engine by now...

The question about focus on method and materials doesn't resolve the issue,
nor does the approach by content. Rose Slivka was the editor of Craft
Horizons for 25 years, and still lectures on that topic. What she said a few
years ago stuck in my mind-- "If it's good it's Art. If it's not, who cares?"


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