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Re: glue

In a message dated 97-03-19 12:00:52 EST, you write:

<< The glue-talk reminds me that I too have a question for the list:

 What sort of glue might one use to "pad" paper?  I'd like to make up pads
 in sizes not commercially available, in small lots and for my own use.
 Any suggestions how I'd go about it?


 Fritz Levy >>

Kinko's will cut and pad for you using your measurements. The charge was
reasonable, in my opinion. If it is just for scrap/note paper for personal
use, I've done this with rubber cement. With a small stack of paper, clamp
the top edge (to be glued) tightly with whatever means you have. For my itty
bitty ones I just used those big black office clips, I fergit what they're
called. I just coat the top edge lightly and let dry, repeating several times
(doesn't take long), and voila! Using scrap cardboard for the back, you can
glue these to fridge magnets the fast food joints toss in your delivery sack
and keep your pad handy for lists, etc. on the fridge or a file cabinet.
I know this is amateurish, but it still works, if looks are not a

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