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Re: glue sticks & YES paste

>YES PASTE:  A combination paste.  I've seen numerous combinations cited for
>this commercial product.  The most recent I've seen is:  mixture of dextrin
>(a modified starch), corn starch, with water and a preservative (commercial
>ad, 1996).  However, I have had to undo the adhesive (because of the damage
>it had caused) too often and the generation I had to deal with also appeared
>to have a protein component (applied possibly late 70's or early 80's).  It
>does discolor (turns dark brown over time) and is tenacious in it's sticking
>(could be an asset for whatever you are doing).  This product is often
>advertised as "archival".

When you speak of damage caused by YES Paste, what exactly do you mean?

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