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Re: crafting art, arting craft

Some of my best friends are fine craftspersons <g>; prior message was
more meant to explore
Peter V.'s wariness of the word "craft" in a booktitle than pooh-pooh
craftsmanship.  And I am affected by my mother-in-law, who says she makes
books.  She covers 3-ring binders in gingham, and adds layers of lace and
fabric to the front for albums.  She is proud that she does them differently
than she was taught because she is varying the layers, has added lace to the
edges of the fabric covers, etc., and calls herself a craftsman.  To me,
craft is what you learn at Penland or Haystack, or in years of study,
, not from a
single kit or class at the local crafts store.

At the same time, bookarts should be accessible to all creative people,
without an "entry ticket", "membership" or "dues" required.
It's nice to have what you do appreciated, whether someone admires the
artistry or the craftsmanship of your work.

Karen Sanders

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