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Re: glue

There IS a product called "padding cement" used commercially and readily
available, I used to order it from a bookbinding supply house in NYC, but
that was a while ago.  There are even directions for "stacking" the proper
number of pages, a cardboard or other backing, up to several layers thick,
then clamping, "painting" with the cement and voila ! you have pads that
only have to be separated.  Sorry I can't supply the address of the supply
house or the name of the product, but try a local printer and they should
be able to tell you or even sell you some.  It's a sort of "super" rubber
cement kind of stuff and often in colors so you can be sure that you have
good "coverage".

At 08:57 AM 3/19/97 -0800, you wrote:
>The glue-talk reminds me that I too have a question for the list:
>What sort of glue might one use to "pad" paper?  I'd like to make up pads
>in sizes not commercially available, in small lots and for my own use.
>Any suggestions how I'd go about it?
>Fritz Levy

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