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Re: If it's good, it's art ...

At 04:50 PM 3/19/97 -0200, you wrote:
>I find the discussion of "art" vs "craft" similar to that of "professional"
>vs "amateur".

Although I derive my income from the conservation and preservaiton of books,
ie I guess I am a professional. To me though professionalism is a state of
mind. The professional will go out of their way more to keep up with the
latest standards, whatever they may be, and to further their education. They
have to, or at least should. I have also seen some amateurs who acted more
professional than some professionals. That goes for binders as well as
librarians, where the amateurs might be compared to "para-professionals." I
also think it is a question of commitment. There is absolutely nothing wrong
with being a hobbiest, if that makes one happy. It's when I see hobbiest
type work being passed off as professional that I worry, which takes us back
to an earlier "discussion" in January.

Fire away, Peter

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