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identifying toolmakers from marks

  *Note* A friend wrote me, and I decided to forward this to the list.  It
made me wonder if there was any information about historic binding toolmakers
in general- I am aware of the work that Bill Streeter & Co has done
concerning the Copy and nipping presses.  What about Finishing tools and
knives?  I have a knife by J. Venca and brass finishing tools by Aichberger,
both in Wien ( I assume that's Vienna?)  One tools is by G.B. Seidensticker
of Boston.  Some have serial numbers.  Were most tools imported, with a
limited supply avaible in the America in the 18th and 19th c?  I saw many ads
for Wilhelm Leo's of Stuttgart in the Archiv fur Buchenbinderei from the
1910's - Where I work we a have a few Nipping presses with his stamp.

The original question

  I got a wonderful lying press at a street market this weekend.  Has 18"
between the screws,31" overall.  Very solid (and heavy!) hardwood, well
aged.  Looks late 19th or early 20th century.  Has a guide for a plow.  I'm
very pleased.  It is stamped with the name Harrild & Sons, are you familiar
with this firm?  Binders, toolmakers?

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