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Re: crafting art, arting craft

>Personally, I agree with the Rose Slivka quote Richard presented in his
>"If it's good it's Art. If it's not, who cares?"  Art is (hard)work and
>skill and craft and a vision.  It is all of these.
Me too.  I picked up a copy of David Pye's book, "The Nature and Art of
Workmanship".  Not only does he get rid of the art/ craft question by saying
it is all the same (although societies attempt to place objects into
different catagories-  take a look at the changes in the display of
ethnographic objects in museums.  20-30 years ago it was a trophy case
syndrome, now new exibits display them as "art".  Like the South East Asian
wing at the met) but he takes his philosophy annother step in examining
"hand made" and "machine made".  He makes many good points, and in the end
there is not much difference, for most "hand" operations use some type of
jig or machine.  Even something as simple as cutting a piece of paper with a
sissors is not entirely a "hand" operation, because the previously cut
portion of the paper acts as a jig to guide the next cut.  Anyways, its a
_very_  good contribution to the small ammount of literature written on the
philosophy of craft.

jeff peachey

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