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Re: adhesive for perfectbinding

To Sam Lanham and the List:

Colophon Book Arts sells a PVA that has proven reversible for me in these

it has softened in warm water after being dried on brushes for at least
24 hours (but was not on the brushes longer than 4 - 5 days)

it has softened in warm water enough to pull up a layer of paper that was
adhered to book board for less than 24 hours.

I do not know what crosslinking occurs over time that might make it
non-reversible but Don Guyot, of Colophon, cares about these things and
would probably be able to answer this question.  My information is that
he has this PVA manufactured to his specs in Seattle.

Colophon Book Arts Supply
3046 Hogum Bay road NE
Lacey, Washington  98516
360/459-2946 fax

Artemis BonaDea
North Bound Books

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