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(Hewit's) Hand Grained Leather Sale

Today is the first day of Spring, so we would like to do a little 'spring
cleaning'. So, this month's special sale from The Bookbinder's Warehouse is
Hewit's HAND-GRAINED GOAT SKIN, sometimes referred to as "Hand Boarded"
goatskin. Hand boarding is a technique wherein the leather (relatively smooth
at this point) is gently folded grain side to grain side and then a special
board is used to roll across the skin. Boarding in one direction only will
produce creases resulting in a 'straight grain' effect.  Boarding a second
time, at right angles to the first, will give you a 'box grain' look. And, as
with the case of these skins we have, boarding diagonal to the first two will
produce a small, tight pebbled grain.

We had a customer working on a project that required many multiple shipments
of both black and tan Hewit's hand grained goat.  From each shipment, he set
aside a few skins that were perfect in quality but too small for his project.
 By the time he had received several shipments and set aside a skin or two
here and there, it sure added up! Being the nice gals we are, we agreed to
take back the small ones, so here we are now, over a year later, with (five)
black Hewit's hand grained goats, and (thirteen) tan Hewit's hand grained
goats, that we would love to find new homes for.

These skins, considering all of the hand work entailed, should sell for
nearly $18.00 per square foot; to move them quickly we are offering them at A
THIRTY PERCENT DISCOUNT, i.e. $12.50 per square foot.  Most of the black
skins average five to six square feet each, the tan skins average six to
seven feet each, although in both cases some are bigger, and some are
smaller. As an added incentive, if you take two or more skins, we will offer
an additional TEN PERCENT, i.e. $11.25 per square foot.

Last months special on vellum sold out in just 36 hours, so don't be
disappointed ....order today!

Orders or additional details should be directed to <KarenC5071@xxxxxxx> NOT
to the list!

Regards, Karen Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Keyport, NJ

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