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Re: moire endsheets

>Thanks to all who have responded about moire endsheets. Some of you have
>suggested making them myself. I don't have a drymount press, so that
>method's out. How else might it be done? I'm afraid if I slather PVA on
>Japanese paper and then try to put silk fabric on top it will 1. bleed
>through, 2. I'll wind up getting glue all over the silk out of klutziness,
>or 3. other bad things will happen. All help appreciated.
You can back silk to Japanese paper using a backing fabric method described
on page 26 of the book, Japanese Bookbinding by Kojiro Ikegami.  I have had
success using the method described. The book is in print and was published
in 1986 by John Weatherhill, Inc., of New York and Tokyo.  Good luck!
Brooke Holve
>Steven D. Hales
>Assistant Professor                      email: hales@xxxxxxxxxx
>Department of Philosophy                 phone: (717) 389-4229
>Bloomsburg University                    fax: (717) 389-2094
>Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815

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