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Re: moire endsheets - how about blue velvet?

Hi all!

I'm a lurker, but have followed this interesting thread re: adhering fabric
to other materials.

I've a project requiring the use of blue velvet material and am wondering
the best way to 'glue'? velvet .. should it be 'carded' too?  Never having
worked with it before, I'm not anxious to waste too much material
experimenting.  This will be used to line a 'presentation box' for a bound
volume, as well as on thin wooden dividers within the box.

Will the iron-on glue facing (Therm-O-Web, etc.) work for velvet as well as
silk?  How should I proceed?

Does anyone know a way to iron velvet if one doesn't possess a 'nail board'?

I've noticed when cutting velvet the edges 'shed' fine fibres .. is there a
way to restrain this in order that the fibres don't continually release into
the box?  In other words, should I glue the edges (or something) to restrain
the shedding?

Thank you so much!

Ron Yost
Paso Robles, CA

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