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YES paste

When I worked in the Conservation Office of the Library of Congress in the
mid-1980s there was much grumbling about the past use of Yes paste for
similar reasons to what Stephanie described.  It was thought, at the time of
its application, that Yes paste was safe for use in the conservation of
innumerable items from LCs collections. Of course, it was not OK and the
consequences are readily evident, although not easily reversed or treated

Nowadays, we all regret someone's else's earlier treatment methodology or
use of particular materials in their art.  I would not recommend Yes paste
for any conservation treatment.  If you want your work or art to deteriorate
over time, then by all means use it, but stipulate to the buyer that that is
part of the process, an intended consequence, a laugh or slap at the future.

Let's hear a big NO to Yes paste in conservation.  I don't expect the use of
inappropriate materials in the creation of art to stop.  These items will
continue to be a headache to future conservators.

Robert Milevski
Robert J. Milevski
Preservation Librarian
Princeton University Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
609-258-5591; fax: 609-258-4105
email: milevski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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