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Re: glue sticks

My experience with glue sticks in exhibits has been quite negative.  I
have never used them in bookbinding, but when mounting paper to matboard,
the adhesive bleeds through the paper after a period of time.  I did not
do any record keeping on this experience, but I don't plan to use it again
for anything I intend to consider permanent.  I wouldn't say it yellowed,
nor would I say it became brittle; but it was not pleasant to look at
 Jane Brown

On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, Cathy Atwood wrote:

> When UHU and Pritt glue sticks were "approved" I think it was because that
> they were reversible in water (for a long time) and the adhesive film did
> not yellow or get brittle.  These are properties as important as a decent
> pH.  In fact, I think glue stick adhesive is usually alkaline.
> Cathy Atwood
> Local Records Program, Missouri Secretary of State

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