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Re[2]: crafting art, arting craft

          Dear Richard,

          Regarding the articles you mentioned from the panel
          discussion on the Art/Craft Connection, I have found a few
          citations which might be of help.  Unfortunately, our
          library is missing one key issue of Craft Horizons and does
          not subscribe to the other titles.

          The citations below were found in the ART INDEX, published
          by the same folks (Wilson Publishing) who produce the
          READERS' GUIDE....  The ART INDEX, is searchable on a CD ROM
          from 1984 to present.  For articles before then (1929-1984),
          one must search by hand through the printed indexes.  The
          ART INDEX, and other Wilson Company indexes, are available
          on the WEB, but you must establish an account with them in
          order to search their database.  Keep in mind that the WEB
          version also does not access the earlier issues of the
          index.  These earlier indexes just aren't in machine
          readable form yet.

          By the way, if Elsa Wachs wishes to find more current
          articles on the art/craft debate, she should go to an art
          library or a large public library which has access to the
          ART INDEX database online or on CD ROM and search under the
          subject CRAFTS/PHILOSOPHY.  I found a number of
          interesting references, written by artisans in wood, metal,
          fabric, clay, etc.  The debate lives on.

          So here goes... these are untried, except where noted.

          "Writing, Thinking, and Being in the Arts Today"  CRAFT
          HORIZONS volume 38, June 1978, pages 32-6.

               It mentions a roundtable discussion which took place
          March 13, 1978 between CRAFT HORIZONS and the World Crafts
          Council with editors, writers, and educators on the needs
          and problems in art and craft writing and publishing.  It
          was in preparation for the special symposium of the
          World Crafts Council taking place at the September
          international conference in Kyoto.  Rose Slivka was
          the moderator, I believe.  (There is also a photo with
          Richard Minsky in it.) I don't think this is the actual
          discussion that included Peter Voulkos, Dale Chihuly, and
          John Kelsey, however.  It appears to be PART ONE.

          The second part of this discussion should be in CRAFT
          HORIZONS volume 38, October 1978, pages 30-32.
          Unfortunately I was not able to see a copy of this issue.
          Perhaps this part includes the debate with Voulkos, Chihuly,
          and Kelsey.

          This next citation sounds more like what you were
          remembering, but again, I was unable to see a copy of this
          article.  And it's only one page, so it can't be much more
          than a summary or announcement.

          Slivka, Rose.  "The Artcraft Connection"  CRAFT
          INTERNATIONAL volume 6 number 4, 1988, page 4

          Also try these-

          Meyer, Melissa.  "The Aesthetical is the Political (What
          constitutes a work of art? or, how is fine art different
          from crafts?  Artists talk on art, 1978; roundtable
          discussion)"  WOMEN ARTISTS NEWS volume 16-17, '91-'92,
          page 107

          Schwartz, Judy S.  "The Medium is Still the Message (The art
          in crafts: summary of 1978 panel discussion)"  WOMEN ARTISTS
          NEWS volume 16-17,  '91-'92, pages 84-5

          Any corrections, feedback or further ideas on these
          references would be appreciated.  I'm new to this list.  An
          art librarian, artists' books curator, and a book artist,
          pastepaper-maker.  I wish I'd signed on sooner!

          Laurie Whitehill
          Readers' Services Librarian
          Rhode Island School of Design Library
          Two College Street
          Providence, RI  02903

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