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Re[2]: crafting art, arting craft

Thanks Laurie--

I will take it the next step, and call American Crafts magazine (the ACC's current incarnation of a publication) and see if they can pinpoint the discussions-- I called Rose Slivka, who says that AC has an index for Craft Horizons.

You may also be interested in the Book Arts issue of Craft International, Oct/Nov 1993.

>Slivka, Rose.  "The Artcraft Connection"  CRAFT INTERNATIONAL volume 6 number 4, 1988, page 4< was, as I recall, an editorial or essay.

By the way, while you're in the stacks with CRAFT HORIZONS, take a look at October, 1977. "The Book of The Century." by Polly Lada-Mocarski. It's about Buckminster Fuller's "Tetrascroll", and is followed by several pages of the technical details, with some photos, of how I engineered and constructed the edition of 40-odd copies of this 43-foot long book with 3-foot triangular pages.


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