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Re: Re[2]: crafting art, arting craft

I make dolls and an occasional book.  I don't consider myself an artist but
have learned lots of crossover skills from different experiences. This
affects my opinion of other people's work.  I buy books and one-of-a-kind
dolls if I'm struck by the creativity AND workmanship (and I can justify the
cost).  Some work I see which is considered art seems sloppy and unskilled.
 It doesn't appeal to me.
  Probably art is just a form of communication.  Communication has different
purposes and affects different audiences.  Some shocks, some stirs us up,
some inspires us, some interprets something in a new way, some is more
I hear this same debate over craft and art among quilters, fiber artists,
book artists, etc.  Certain artists, dancers, musicians, architects, etc.
seem to impress lots of people but not all of us always agree.  The Discover
show on TV recently discussed what makes a great person.  These people tend
to stand out from the crowd, are unique and tend to do something in a totally
new way.  They cited Picasso and Einstein as examples.
I find this board very informative.  I hope my opinion was of some value to
book artists.  I live in Seattle and love going to all Book exhibits I can.

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