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Edition Production workshop


                Edition Book Production
              From Design to Distribution

This workshop is to teach the small private press or the limited edition
book designer the whole process of producing and distributing an edition.
Students work in teams discussing the text, layout, type, paper,
illustrations etc., deciding how their limited edition should be done. Then
they actually produce the edition and plan the promotion for its sale and

Pat Baldwin is available to conduct this workshop to far flung corners of
the world.

thank you

Pat Baldwin                                    @
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery
http://www.primenet.com/~patbooks/             @
Pequeno Press
Waterleaf Web Design                           @
Starcatcher Inc. //www.primenet.com/~patbooks/starcatcher.html  @
P.O.Box 1711, Bisbee AZ 85603

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