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Re: Tom Stoppard on crafting art

At 03:02 AM 3/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>That quote is so concise and spoken much better than by me.  I agree
>completely.  Thanks for putting all the discussion of art and craft in

I don't know.  Craft takes a lot of immagination/ creativity.  Think of all
the technical problems one has to solve in the course of doing a job, all
the small design decisions.  The top craftspeople do not mearly repeat by
rote what they were taught, but continue a lifelong exploration of
materials, techniques, and production methods.

And to say that modern art requires no skill, well, sure there is a lot of
bad stuff out there, but I don't see how anyone could say Klee, Rothko,
DeKooning, Clemente, Ditter Appelt, etc. lack skill.  In fact a lot of
modern and comporary art deal explicitly with the "crafting" of their
material makeup.

jeff peachey

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