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Re: Cute but stupid


  Unfortunately one encounters it everywhere. I certainly encounter it
  all the
  time with regard to writing. And there one encounters it perhaps
  frequently in universities, in creative writing programs which value
  expression' and 'personal voice' over anything which embodies
  exploration and experimentation.



  Its hard to remember after one has the basics of "clear expression",
and "personal voice" ingrained to the point of being automatic, that
these restrictions are a necessary part of communication. No matter how
great the talent, or inspired the exploration, if the results are
unreadable, then the writing is useless. Remember also, that the
majority of the students in a creative writing class, have no
aspirations to be writers for more than a quarter or two after they
complete the class.
    I have communicated with a variety of artists who's work can be
considered "experimental", none of  the them would label themselves
"undisciplined", and that's all that a creative writing class is really
trying to teach. High school grammar just ain't enough.


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