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Re: Cute but stupid

Dear Lisa Cheung:

I notice that you work in a science facility and also are interested in the
arts. You have been honest in your criticism and deserve the good answers
you have already received.

To condense what could be lengthy, I would just like to give $.01 's worth:

Some of us trained in science have a certain mindset, I believe, that

tempers our reaction to the arts.  We often want to know why,how,where, who,

quantitatively and qualitatively - instead of just sitting back and taking in

the experience emotionally. (And we bring along our cultural

biases,too - like everyone else!) Others just "feel" the image, whatever it is.

    Those who are highly versed in the art of discourse can carry criticism

 to ethereal heights of verbiosity. But ... It really is FUN to

synthesize a grand opus about artworks/bookworks, etc., from the rich data

bank in our educated mind.  Words that spin and interact colorfully  with many

shades of meaning.

    An ancient friend of mine (who has  painted 1024 artworks)  said,-
"True art

provokes a reaction in viewers that has a social consequence".  He says that if

an artwork brings "pleasure to a viewer" - that is wonderful, but in

the long run it is art for art's sake unless it brings about an idea and an

action that changes people's beliefs/lives - if only in a very small way.

My $.01 is heading for $.02  so I will cease and desist.

Let us hear from you again, Lisa.


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